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About Us

Established on 18th March 2021, Lenotronix Groups emerged as a leading brand in the field of manufacturing of EV Chargers, IoT based Vehicle Monitoring Systems, Battery Management Systems and a driving force in transforming the EV landscape. As a non-government, private limited company registered with ROC-Hyderabad, we are driven by a commitment to deliver state-of-the-art charging, monitoring and managing solutions catering to diverse needs from two-wheelers to three-wheelers and commercial fleets.

Our Trailblazer

Sangameshwar Patlolla
Chairman & Managing Director

Meet Mr. Sangameshwar Patlolla, the visionary leader and driving force behind Lenotronix success and growth. He uses his impressive 15 years of operations and business development experience well to lead the company to new heights. Mr. Sangameshwar's leadership as Chairman and Managing Director of Lenotronix has been instrumental to the company's success and expansion.

The Team

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sunder. K

Customer Relationship Manager

Mrs. Varshitha. R

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Srinivas. KN

Why you Chose us

Your Partner in Progress

Choose Lenotronix Groups and embrace a world of boundless possibilities. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centricity sets us apart, offering you the following:

Our Vision

Brightening the World with Sustainable Energy

We envision a world where driving an electric vehicle isn't just a choice; it's a way of life, enabling localities to easily adopt eco-friendly transportation.

Our Mission

Accelerating Sustainability, Eliminating Emissions

At Lenotronix Groups, our mission is crystal clear - to develop innovative and reliable charging and monitoring solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable, emission-free future for transportation.

Milestone Achieved


Starting in 2021, Lenotronix integrated chargers for EVs in its product range with the sole aim of allowing users to experience superior quality chargers(up to 1.5 KW capacity).


The following year, we decided and strategically implemented the development of a wide range of charging solutions(up to 6KW) for all segments.


The current year so far has been an absolute roller coaster for Lenotronix Groups. Our Product Portfolio has risen one level higher with the introduction of Battery Management Systems and IoT-based Smart Vehicle Monitoring Systems for EVs. This helps Customers take better care of their vehicles and experience a seamless mobility journey.