Battery Management Systems: Guardian Angels for Your EV's Heart!

Our BMS is the intelligent brain behind your EV’s battery, constantly monitoring vital parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, etc. With real-time insights and predictive analysis, our BMS ensures optimal battery health, extends lifespan, and enhances overall performance.

  • Intelligent Battery Monitoring Unit: Trust our Intelligent Battery Monitoring Unit to be the guardian angel of your EV’s heart. It’s advanced technology safeguards battery health, providing unparalleled peace of mind during every electrifying drive.
  • Battery Safety Features: Overcurrent and temperature protection, safeguarding your EV’s battery from potential risks.
  • Rating: Voltage: 29.2V to 100V
                     Current: 100A to 300A
                     Connectivity: CAN 2.0, RS485, UART & Ble