IOT-based Vehicle Monitoring Systems: Your EV's Personal Co-Pilot!

Experience the next level of intelligent driving with Lenotronix’s IOT-based Vehicle Monitoring Systems. Seamlessly integrated with your electric vehicle, this advanced system provides real-time data on battery status, maintenance alerts, nearby charging stations, and more.

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Constantly track your EV’s health, providing timely maintenance alerts and status updates.
  • Smart EV Dashboard: Reconnect with your EV’s soul through our Smart EV Dashboard – a faithful companion on every mile. Real-time updates, personalized settings, and seamless connectivity redefine driving pleasure.
  • Connected Mobile App: Seize control of your electric destiny with our Connected Mobile App. Empowering you on the go unlocks a world of convenience and elegance at your fingertips.
  • Rating : Voltage: 9V to 100V
                      Connectivity: CAN 2.0, RS485, UART & BLe 4.1
                      Protocol: MQTT